Running Batches

Accountants can generate and run batches using the steps outlined in this topic.

The Progress bar indicates how many batch items were generated, and how many successfully completed. The Job Status changes to "Done" once all of the task in the job is successfully completed.

Note: Additional steps are required to run Mass Cost Center Change batches and Workflow Mass Transition batches with the Lease End or Close action.

To run a batch:

  1. Open the batch using one of the following methods:
    • Click Main Menu > Batch Management > Batches and open the required batch.
    • From an open batch page, click Batches List at the top right and click on the required batch.
  2. In the left-panel, click Batch Items. If the list of items was not recently generated, it may be out of date. Click at the top of the page to refresh the list.
  3. The following options are available to run the batch. Note that if you modify the batch filter settings, regenerate the batch items before running the batch.
    • To run the batch action for one specific item, click on the relevant row.
    • Generate the batch items and run the action for all items by clicking at the top of the page.
    • Run the batch action for all objects selected on the page by clicking Run at the top of the page. By default, the checkboxes for all of the rows are selected.

    Note: Do not run the batch again if the current batch has not completed.

  4. If required, click at the top of the page to stop a running batch, which will stop the batch from running the remaining batch items. Note that the batch will complete the items that are currently being processed. In order to re-run a stopped batch, you must first regenerate the batch items before running it again.
  5. Use the Job Status filter or the search box to find specific batch items.
  6. To open the batch item to view the object, click . The Progress bar in the gray header indicates how many of the batch items have been run for the last action.

    Note: If some Mass Global CPI Change batch items fail, open each failed contract and manually delete any generated drafts.

Once a batch is run, you can re-use the batch by regenerating the batch items and running it again. By doing this, all batch items previously listed on the page are removed, and a new list is generated.

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