Contract Partners

The Lease Administrator can add applicable lessors and suppliers to the contract on the Partners page. A lessor must be added to the contract, and suppliers can be added for informational purposes. The lists of lessors and suppliers are both based on the vendors configured in the ERP system for the selected company code. Note that if a previously available partner is blocked or deleted in SAP, after a subsequent sync with SAP, the partner is marked as blocked for that specific company code and will not be available in the Partner list. If the application is not connected to SAP, administrators can manually add the blocked status partners in the Partner Status table in the Nakisa AdminConsole.

The Lease Administrator must also add the users who must be notified at each contract event (such as approval requested). Note that any user with the appropriate role and access to the MLA or contract can perform the MLA or contract action. This section only determines who will receive the notification.

Once the contract has been approved, the lessor can only be modified through a contract change. After the contract is approved, the next payment posting will be sent to the new vendor number.

To add lessors and suppliers to the contract:

  1. Open the contract, and click Partners in the left-panel.
  2. In the Partners section, click Add Partner.
  3. Search for the required Partner, and set their Role to either "Lessor" or "Supplier".
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Hover over the row for the partner that was just added, and click or the row itself to edit it. The edit form for the partner appears below the table.
  6. Click Add Contact. Enter the valid contact information and click Submit.

Note that only one lessor can be added to the contract.

To add user notifications to the master lease agreement:

  1. In the User Notifications section, the mandatory user responsibilities are listed by default in the table.
  2. In the Name column, select the user that will receive the notification.
  3. If required, click Add User to add additional users and responsibilities.
    • Select the User and Responsibility from the drop-down.
    • Click Submit.

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