Creating Contracts

Once a master agreement (MLA) has been approved, Lease Administrators can create contracts under it.

To create a new contract:

  1. Open the master agreement, which automatically loads the Definitions page.
  2. Click the Context Menu > Create Contract.
  3. Select the Year that the contract starts. If you need to create a contract in a year that is not available in the list, contact your system administrator.

    Note: If you select a year for which there is no configuration, the application will generate an ID using the configuration for the next closest year to the current year.

  4. The Lease Area and Lease Business Unit are inherited from the master lease agreement.
  5. If the Company Code was not set in the MLA, you must specify it in this pop-up.
  6. Based on the configuration defined by the system administrator, the Contract ID may be automatically generated based on the selected year and company code. If it is not, enter an ID that follows the configured format and range. Note that if there is no indicated ID format or range, you may enter any ID, but it must not be longer than 12 characters.
  7. Enter a name for the contract.
  8. Click Submit. Once the information is saved, the contract appears in the MLA Contract List page and loads automatically.

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