Creating Lease Components

Lease Administrators and Accountants must add one or more lease components to a contract before it can be approved. All of the terms and conditions of the contract are defined in the lease components.

Note that a contract can have a maximum of 100 lease components, as well as a maximum of 100 total units. Contact Nakisa Support for further information.

To create a lease component in a contract:

  1. Open the contract.
  2. Click the Context Menu > Create Lease Component.
  3. Based on the configuration defined by the system administrator, the Lease Component ID may be automatically generated based on the selected year and company code. If it is not, enter an ID that follows the indicated format and range. Note that if there is no indicated ID format, you may enter any ID, but it must not be longer than 12 characters.
  4. Enter a Description to identify the lease component.
  5. Click Submit. Once the information is saved, the lease component appears in the Lease Component List page in the contract, and loads automatically.

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