Uploading Terms and Conditions

Irregular payment terms (e.g., sawtooth payments with varying amounts and/or frequency) can also be uploaded via an Excel file. If you need to delete any terms, it must be done manually in the schedule. If the file is uploaded again, any repeated terms (based on the term ID) will be updated.

Note: Lease components and activation groups with irregular base rents cannot be split. The financial schedule generated is for the entire quantity defined and activated in the activation group.

To upload an irregular payment schedule:

  1. Load the lease component, and click Terms & Conditions in the left-panel.
  2. Click Context Menu > Upload Terms & Conditions.
  3. Click Download to download a template of the Excel file.
  4. Enter a row for each required term, and define the non-lease distribution for the term if required.
  5. Click Context Menu > Upload Terms & Conditions. Browse to your file to upload it.
  6. The uploaded terms are displayed in the table.

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