Changing Contracts

Once a contract and activation groups are active, Lease Administrators and Accountants can still change the contract if required. A contract change allows users to edit fields in the contract that do not have a financial impact, such as:

  • Changing the user notifications
  • Changing Cost Objects (at the unit level)
  • Changing the Partner
  • Enabling CPI in a contract or changing the CPI type (i.e., global or local)

Lease components, activation groups, and units cannot be edited, with the exception of changing Cost Objects at the unit level.

Note: If the application is connected to SAP, the WBS and Functional Area can only be changed if SAP configuration allows these fields to be modified after the asset has been capitalized.

Changing a contract creates a draft copy of the contract. While the draft is open, the master version of the contract is still active, and postings and unit replacements can still be performed.

When a user opens a contract that has an open draft, the button Open Draft appears at the top of the contract. The contract object can be changed, which is indicated by a yellow header. All other objects cannot be modified, and is therefore indicated by a red header.

Once the contract has been updated, it must be approved, and the draft version is then automatically merged back to the master version of the contract.

Note: While a draft is open, you cannot open another draft (i.e., users will be blocked from doing a lease modification, reassessment, or casualty) or enter a unit replacement.

To change a contract:

  1. Open the contract.
  2. Click Context Menu > Change Contract.
  3. In the field Reason Code, select the reason why the contract needs to be changed.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. Click Submit. The draft of the contract is created and loaded automatically.
  6. Update the contract as required. Note that not all fields are editable.
  7. Go through the contract approval process. When the contract is approved, the draft is automatically merged back to the master version, and the activation groups are updated.

To view the master version of the contract:

  1. If at any point you would like to view the master version of the contract, click Context Menu > View Master.
  2. To return to the draft version, click the button Open Draft.
  3. For information about the draft and when it was created, hover over "Version" in the header.

To delete the draft version:

  1. If the draft version needs to be deleted at any point, open the draft and navigate to the contract.
  2. Click Context Menu > Delete Draft, and click Yes to confirm the deletion.

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