Activity History Permission Management

Activity History Permission Management allows you to assign finalization permissions to lease activity types.

Activity types can only be added through picklist management. The user that is assigned finalization permissions is able to complete or dismiss lease activities. Note that not all activity types may require finalization permission and assigning permissions to an activity type is optional. Activity types with no assigned permissions are automatically marked as completed when added to a lease. When finalization permissions are assigned to an activity type, the lease with the activity added will be frozen until the activity is either completed or dismissed.

To create an activity type permission:

  1. Click Admin > Activity History Permission Management.
  2. Click . A new row appears in the table.
  3. Under Activity Type, select the activity to which you want to assign permissions.
  4. Under Finalized by, select the role to which you want to assign permissions.

Note: Only users with the real-estate.ApproveLease permission can be assigned finalization permissions.

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