Using the Application Menu

This section identifies the key elements of the application menu.

  1. Admin: The admin menu displays the different configurable settings available within the application.
  2. Main: The main menu allows you to view the summary pages for locations, premises, and leases.
  3. Batch Management: The batch menu allows you to view batch profiles and run batches.
  4. Financial Obligation Management: The financial obligations menu allows you to view Financial Obligation Report profiles and generate the reports.
  5. CPI Mass Indexation Management: The CPI mass indexation menu allows you to view mass indexation profiles and jobs.
  6. Dashboards: The dashboards menu allows you to view the available dashboards.
  7. Reports: The report menu allows you to view the available reports.
  8. Partner Portal: The partner portal allows associated partners to view their leases.
  9. Virtual Library: The virtual library allows users to see all the documents they have access to, as well as export them.
  10. Create Dashboard: The create dashboard option allows you to create personalized dashboards.
  11. Exports: The exports option allows users to view and download exported Excel files.

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