Creating a Dashboard

Users can create their own custom dashboards. Custom dashboards appear under Dashboards > Custom.There are different types of dashboards to choose:

  • Dashboard: This type of dashboard allows you to create different types of charts pertaining to a dataset. For more information about charts, see Charts.
  • Pivot Table Dashboard: This type of dashboard allows you to choose from only two types of charts: pivot tables and pivot table rows. Pivot table dashboards only allow you to create one chart for the entire dashboard.
  • List: This type of dashboard presents complete search results for a dataset. The search results option allows you to switch between search results and a dashboard. Upon opening the search results dashboard, the application will show the search results first by default. In the dashboard view you can create charts as you would for a standard dashboard.

To create a dashboard:

  1. From the application menu, click + Create Dashboard.
  2. Fill in the required fields:
    • Page Title: Enter a display title for the dashboard.
    • Page Type: Select the dashboard type you prefer.
    • Page Dataset: Select the type of data you would like to display (e.g. locations, premises, leases, etc.). Dashboards can only display one dataset.
  3. Enable/Disable List allows you to choose whether the search results option is visible in the dashboard toolbar. This switch is only visible if the selected Page Type is Dashboard or Search Results.
  4. Click + Create Page.
  5. Clicking the Reset button empties all the fields and returns them to their defaults.
  6. Click Cancel to exit the Create Dashboard page and return to the last displayed page.

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