Sharing a Dashboard

Users can share custom dashboards with each other using the share dashboard option. Dashboards can be shared with individual users or with user groups.

When a dashboard is shared, users will be able to view it under Dashboards > Custom. Shared dashboards will have the icon next to their title in the menu.

Users or user groups can be granted different permissions (through the User Role field) for viewing the dashboard. If these users share the dashboard with others, they can only grant permissions that are of equal or lesser access to their own. The following roles are available:

  • Read: Users can only view dashboard content and cannot modify the dashboard in any way.
  • Edit: Users can only update pre-existing content.
  • Write: Users can add and update content.
  • Owner: Users can read, add, update, or delete content.

Note: When a user has roles in the Nakisa Cloud Platform that grant them more access than what is assigned through the shared module, the user's access cannot be limited by the shared module permissions.

To share a custom dashboard:

  1. Open a custom dashboard.
  2. Click in the dashboard toolbar to open the shared module.
  3. Click Add Participant. The add participant window opens.
  4. Select the User Role you would like the user or user group to have.
  5. Select the Participant Type as user or user group.
  6. Select a Participant by searching for a user or user group and choosing from the list.
  7. Click Can selected user add participants? to give the user or user group the power to add other participants. This switch is set to "Yes" by default.
  8. Click Add Participant. Participants are listed in the participants table on the shared module.

Once a user or user group is added, users with the Owner role can update permissions or remove others as participants. Note that only the original user can remove users with the Owner role assigned.

The creator of the dashboard cannot have their permissions updated or be removed as a participant.

To manage participants:

  1. Click next to a participant to update the participant's role.
  2. Click next to a participant to remove them.

Note: The share module can only be deleted when there are no added participants.

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