You can define clauses for all of the options and clauses stipulated in the lease that do not have any associated dates, or clauses with dates but that are not dependent on those dates. Critical clauses with specified dates can be recorded in the Critical Clauses tab.

Note that additional clause types can be added in Admin > Picklist Management > Lease > Clause Type.

To modify or delete an existing clause, click in the Actions menu and select the required action.

To add a clause:

  1. Click Main > Leases in the application menu and open the required lease.
  2. Click the Clauses tab.
  3. To add and define a clause, click to open the Create Clause Type window.
  4. Select a clause Type.
  5. Click Not Applicable to mark this clause as not applicable to the lease. If this switch is enabled, all fields except for Display Id and Type are disabled.
  6. Click Save. The clause type appears in the Clause Type table.
  7. In the table, under the required clause type, click .
  8. Add the required information and any related notes.
  9. Click Save.

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