Adding a Location

When creating a location, the location type definition is very important because it determines the behavior of many of the objects attached to it. If your business owns a location, you cannot create leases, unless you have leased part or all of the location. In this case, internal and/or external leases can be created.

For each location, you will always have to create at least a head premises (and optionally sub-premises), based on the occupancy of the property. See Premises for more information.

To add a location:

  1. In the application menu, click Main > Locations.
  2. In the summary page menu at the top of the page, click .
  3. In the Create Location window, enter the required information. Note the following:
    • In the field Type, select "Owned" if your company owns the property, or select "Leased" if your business is leasing the property from an external company or from a different internal division of your company.
    • In the Legal Entity field, select the company code to which this location is associated.
    • In the Addresses section, click to select your location on a map. The Longitude and Latitude fields auto-update based on the selected geographic position. Similarly, entering in Longitude and Latitude coordinates will auto-update the placement of your location on the map.
  4. Click Save.

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