Operating Costs

The Operating Costs section allows you to enter any operating costs that are incurred for the location throughout the lease (i.e., snow removal, utilities, etc.). These operating costs can be viewed by any associated partners. Operating costs use the location's currency.

Operating costs are grouped by expense group and expense type, and costs are added by period. Each period covers a full year, and the periods cannot overlap. You do not need to open the location for modifications to add an operating cost period.

Note: You cannot delete operating costs that have been used in a reconciliation period.

To add an operating cost period:

  1. Click Main > Locations in the application menu and open the required location.
  2. Click Operating Costs.
  3. Click to open the Create Operating Cost Period window.
  4. Select the Year to which the operating costs apply.
  5. Select the Status of the operating cost period. Note that if you select "Finalized", once the period is saved you will be unable to make any changes.
  6. Under Operating Cost Expenses, click next to the expense group to which the cost applies.
  7. Select the Expense Type for the cost.
  8. Enter the Amount of the operating cost under the Amount column.
  9. If required, enter a Revised Amount if the operating cost has been revised under the Revised Amount column.
  10. Click Consider Revised Amount if you would like the revised amount to be considered in calculations for CAM and reconciliation.
  11. Add any additional documents or notes.
  12. Click Save.

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