In the Areas tab, you can define, add, or modify the different areas in the premises based on the areas listed in your lease.

If at some point there is a change in the type of areas defined, you can change the dates of the current area in the Area History section to indicate its valid dates, and enter a new area with the changes with a different set of valid dates.

To modify or delete an existing area, click in the Actions menu and select the required action.

To add premises area information:

  1. Click Main > Premises in the application menu and open the required premises.
  2. Click the Areas tab.
  3. To add and define an area, click to open the Create Area window.
  4. In the General Information section:
    1. Select an Area Type.
    2. Select a Source.
    3. If required, change the Unit. By default, the Unit is automatically set to the Unit selected when the location was created.
    4. If an Area needs to be measured, click To Measure.
    5. To confirm that the area has been measured and matches the area listed on the lease, click Verified.
  5. Define at lease one entry in the Area History section.
  6. Click Save.

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