Data Import

Users can move their existing real estate data and their documents to Nakisa Real Estate by using the Data Import feature.

You can upload the following types of files:

  • Admin: Users upload an Excel file to create admin entities such as picklist options and groups.
  • Initial Data: Users upload an Excel file to create locations, premises, and leases, including other fields.
  • Mass Docs: Users upload a zip file of documents that point to application entities.
  • Sales: Users upload an Excel file to enter sales information for their premises.

Nakisa Real Estate provides templates that users can fill out to upload their information. Users can only import one file at a time. Red fields in the Excel files are mandatory and optional fields are blue.

Note: The data import only accepts .xlsx and .zip files.

To import files:

  1. Click Admin > Data Import.
  2. Click .
  3. Select an Import Type Category.
  4. Click Download Template.
  5. Fill in the required fields in the template. Templates will vary depending on the selected import type.
  6. Click Select File and attach the completed file.
  7. Once the file has successfully uploaded, click Start Processing.
  8. The file is queued for processing.

Once a file is queued, the file begins the import process. If the import fails, you can click on the import status to view where there are errors in the Excel file so you can review them and correct them. When an import is successful, you can click on the import status to view the items imported into the application.

You can download files from previous imports by clicking and then Download Excel file.

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