Mass Docs

The mass docs import allows users to import multiple documents related to multiple locations, premises, and leases at once. Documents are uploaded in a zip file with an Excel file that links these documents to their respective objects.

The Excel file points to documents using a relative path. This path must be contained within the zip file and cannot point to documents outside of it. The relative path points to Nakisa Real Estate entities using entity IDs. These IDs can be found on their pages in the application:

To import mass docs:

  1. Download the Mass Docs template.
  2. Unzip the template and fill out the required fields in the Excel sheet.
  3. In the locations and premises folders, paste your documents. If you want to upload documents to other application entities, you can create folders as long as the relative path is correct in the Excel file.
  4. Navigate up to the MassUpload folder and compress it.

  1. Upload the new zip file in Nakisa Real Estate and begin the import process.

Successfully uploaded documents will appear under the Documents tab for locations, premises, and leases, or other fields that may require documents such as lease incentives.

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