Nakisa Real Estate allows you to create reminders and personal notes for your leases that are separate from the application's note sections.

Reminders can be delivered as an email (if an email server has been configured) or as a pop-up on the lease, premises, and location pages. They can only be created from the lease page, but can be viewed in parent locations and premises.

You can sort reminders by category and subject, and associate other users if you want the reminder to be shared with them. Reminders are only visible to the users that are associated to them.

To create a reminder:

  1. In the application menu, click Main > Leases, and open the required lease.
  2. In the Actions menu, click Reminders.
  3. Click .
  4. Select a Category and Subject for the reminder.
  5. Select the Primary User who will receive notifications about the reminder.
  6. Enter a Date and Follow Up Date if required. The Date field is for informational purposes only. The Follow Up Date determines when users will be notified of the reminder.
  7. Set the reminder Status. The application only displays reminders with the "Active" status.
  8. Set the Reminder Type:
    • Email: Users will receive their reminders by email only.
    • Email and Pop-up: Users will receive email reminders, as well as a pop-up on their lease, premises, and location pages on the set Follow Up Date.
    • None: Users will not receive email notifications or see a pop-up.
    • Pop-up: Users will see a pop-up on their lease, premises, and location pages on the set Follow Up Date.
  9. In the Comments section, enter any relevant information for the reminder.
  10. Associate any additional users:
    1. In the Users section, click .
    2. Select the users you would like to associate to the reminder.
    3. Click Save.
  11. Click Save.

Once a reminder with the status "Active" is created, the reminders badge updates to reflect the number of active reminders and is color-coded to show whether there are active reminders past due.

The following list describes the different badge colors and their meanings:

  • Green: A green badge indicates that all active reminders have been completed.
  • Yellow: A yellow badge indicates that there are active reminders that require completion, and the Follow Up Date has not yet passed.
  • Red: A red badge indicates that there are active reminders that are past the set Follow Up Date and require completion.
  • Grey: A grey badge indicates that there are non-active reminders.

To manage reminders:

  1. In the Reminders window, Click > Edit Reminder to edit the reminder. You can also edit the reminder from the pop-up by clicking .
  2. If you are an associated user in a reminder, you can acknowledge that you have seen the reminder by clicking Edit Reminder and then checking the Acknowledge box in the Users section.
  3. Click to hide any pop-up reminders.

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