Adding a Lease

Each lease must be associated to a premises. The occupancy type set for the head premises or the sub-premises determines the lease type. For example, a head premise can only be associated to a head lease.

To add a lease:

  1. Use one of the following options to create the lease:
    • From the Leases summary page:
      1. In the application menu, click Main > Leases.
      2. In the summary page menu at the top of the page, click .
    • From an existing premises:
      1. In the application menu, click Main > Premises and open the premises to which you would like to attach a lease.
      2. In the Actions section at the top of the page, click Create a Lease.
  2. In the Create Lease > Lease Basic Information window:
    1. If the Premises field is not already set, select the one that the lease is attached to.
    2. In Create Lease From, select whether you would like to create a blank lease or based on a lease template.
    3. Click Next.
  3. In the Create Lease > Lease Identification window:
  4. Enter the required lease identification information. Note the following:
    • Type: The available lease type depends on the premises occupancy.
    • State: Select a state for the new lease. This field is configurable in Admin > Picklist Management > Lease State.
    • Category: Select a category such as Lease, Monthly Lease, or Seasonal. Note that the lease category is only for reporting or informational purposes.
    • Date From and Date To: Select the start and end dates of the lease.
    • Indexation Type (Lease) and Indexation Type (Non-Lease): Set these fields to determine the CPI type for indexation for lease and non-lease terms.
      • None: The term does not use CPI Indexation rates.
      • CPI Local: The indexation values (CPI) are defined manually by the user by setting the Current Index Level.
      • CPI Global: The Current Index Level field is set according to the set CPI Global Category and the Reference Date.
  5. Add notes, if required.
  6. Click Save.

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