For every location, you must define at least one head premises. The head premises represents the original space that is either owned or leased. Additional sub-premises can be created if part of the head premises is leased internally (to another division in the business) or leased externally (to another business).

For example, a location and premises can be divided as follows (illustrated in the previous diagram):

  1. The location is set up as a leased location.
  2. You are leasing the head premises and using most, but not all of it. You lease the remaining portion out to another division within your business. The head premises is therefore set up as "occupied" and "leased internally".
  3. The sub-premises is set up for the sub-lease to the other internal division in your business.

You would also have the option of setting up the head premises with two sub-premises: one for your occupied space, and one for the space you are sub-leasing to the other internal division.

The location type and premises occupancy determine whether leases should be created as well as the type of lease. For information about how leases are set up for head premises and sub-premises, see Leases.

For information about how to manage premises, refer to the following topics:

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