The Sales tab allows users to enter their sales for a defined date range and sort the sales by category. You can upload sales manually or with an Excel file. These sales are used when calculating percentage rent.

Sales data can be entered at any time and does not require you to open the premises for modification. You can only upload sales data for one sales category at a time when uploading sales manually.

Tip: To upload data for multiple sales categories at once, use the Excel import option in the Sales tab. Alternatively, you can import sales data through the Data Import module in the Admin menu.

To add sales manually:

  1. Click Main > Premises in the application menu and select the required premises.
  2. Click on the Sales tab.
  3. Click .
  4. Select an External Category. Note that additional external categories can be configured in the admin menu.
  5. Select an External Subcategory.
  6. Enter the Total Sales for the selected date range.
  7. Select the date range for the sales by setting the Date From and Date To fields.
  8. Add any additional notes or documents.
  9. Click Save.

To add sales through Excel import:

  1. In the Sales tab, click .
  2. Click .
  3. Select "Sales" in the Import Type Category field.
  4. Click Download Template.
  5. Once the Excel template is downloaded, fill in the required information in the Excel file. Red fields are mandatory, and sales category names must match those defined in the admin menu.
  6. Click Select File and upload the completed Excel file.
  7. Click Start Processing.
  8. The file is queued for processing. Once a file is queued, the file begins the import process. If the import fails, you can click on the import status to view where there are errors in the Excel file so you can review them and correct them. When an import is successful, you can click on the import status to view the sales imported into the application.
  9. You can download files from previous imports by clicking and then Download Excel file.

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