Using the Summary Page Toolbar

This section identifies the key elements of the summary page toolbar.

Each summary page has a toolbar located at the top right of the screen. From this toolbar, users can create locations, premises, or leases, filter the list objects, change the summary page view, and more.

The following table describes the options available in the summary page toolbar:

Summary Page Option Name Description
Create Location / Premises / Lease Opens the window to create a location, premises, or lease, depending on which summary page is open.
Table Fields Click here to select which table fields appear in the summary page when in table view. Table fields remain selected after navigating away from the summary page. To reset the table fields to the default configuration, click and reload the page.
Export to Excel Click here to export the summary page into an Excel report. Users can download Excel reports from the Exports page.
Standard View

Changes the summary page view from a table to a list. The table fields option disappears when in standard view. To revert back to the default view, click .

Standard view remains selected after navigating away from the summary page.

Dashboard Changes the summary page view from a table to a dashboard based on the dataset used for the summary page. Navigating away from the summary page dashboard will reset the page to the default view.
Page Options Allows you to copy the summary page. Copies will appear as custom dashboards.
Dataset Created Shows the date the dataset for the summary page was created.
Toggle Filter Panel Click here to open the and close the filter panel to sort results in the summary page.

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