Known Limitations

The following table lists the known limitations in Nakisa HR Suite2023.R3:

Reference Number Description
LL 96 When exporting an Org Chart to PDF, Portraits are not being displayed.
LR 07 In the Employee Dashboard, there are some fields that are displaying data as true/false rather than yes/no.
LE 89 In Edit mode, subsequent changes you make to a custom field (yes or no) are not displaying.
LE 87 In Edit mode, changes to custom yes or no fields display in the Proposal Panel as true or false.
LE 52 When a Proposal is in a closed state, it is not being displayed in PDF files.
LE 59 In Edit mode, a parent node cannot be deleted if all the child nodes have already been removed (moved or deleted).
LE 97 In Edit mode, changes to the Job Code
(ID) and Department ID are not displayed in the Proposal Panel. Only the Job name and Department name are displayed.
LE 47 When a user is in the Summary Mode and then clicks on a notification that brings them into Edit mode, the view stays in Summary mode rather than switching to Org Chart mode.
LE 08 In Edit mode, closed proposals are being displayed in the "All Proposals" section of the Proposal Panel by default.
LE 18 When viewing the Details Page of a vacant position, the position name does not appear in the Lead Space.

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