Use the Dashboard Options

There are several options available to view and customize dashboards. These options are accessible from the top of the dashboard page.

Note: Depending on whether you are viewing a default or a custom dashboard, some options may not be available.

Dashboard Option Description Scope

Share Page Share dashboard Icon

Click to share a custom dashboard with other users.

Custom dashboards

Settings Dashboard Settings Icon> Page Options

  • For default dashboards, click to copy the page.
  • For custom dashboards, click this option to copy, edit, or delete the page.
All dashboards

Settings Dashboard Settings Icon> Reset Dashboard

Click to reset the layout to the default settings.

Custom dashboards

New Chart New dashboard icon

Click to add a chart to a custom dashboard.

Note: Custom dashboards are only visible to you.

Custom dashboards

Resize Charts Resize dashboard icon

Click to enable chart resizing and layout changes. Then:

  • Resize a chart by using the bottom right handle Resize Chart Icon.
  • Reposition a chart by dragging and dropping the chart to another location on the dashboard.

Click the Resize Charts button again to end the edits.

Custom dashboards

List View Dashboard list view icon

Click to view the dashboard data as a table listing.

Note: This option can be enabled or disabled when creating the dashboard.

All dashboards

Dashboard View Dashbaord view Icon

Click to view the dashboard data as charts.

All dashboards

Toggle Filter Panel Toggle Dashboard filter panel icon

Click to toggle the filter panel.

All dashboards

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