Org Chart Views

Nakisa OrgInsight has display options that allow you to change the way you see your org chart in the frame. You can also customize the information that is displayed within your org chart by using the Org Chart Options.

The application lets you view an org chart with different styles that change how the diagram is displayed. Horizontal, vertical, fit to screen, zoom in and zoom out are useful when viewing larger org charts. The view mode options are to the bottom left of the org chart.

View Option Description
Switch Chart Layout Icon Switch layout This option lets you visualize the org chart in either a horizontal or vertical view. By default the org chart is shown in a vertical view.
Fit Org chart to screen icon Fit to screen This option fits an area of the org chart you are looking at to the center of the frame. You can also use this option if you select several nodes within the org chart. Fit to screen compresses the org chart so that the selected nodes are visible within the same viewing area. When multiple nodes are selected, the number appears on the fit to screen icon.
Zoom in and out icon Zoom in/out This option allows you to zoom in and zoom out of the org chart.

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