Whats New

In addition to general editorial changes and corrections, this release of the documentation contains the following main changes in the release of Nakisa HR Suite 2023.R3:

  • Nakisa TeamDesign allows managers to Make Changes to Your Team to maintain an effective and up to date Org structure. It equips managers with the capabilities to effectively manage their teams, foster collaboration and streamline the approval and deployment process.
  • To better display your unique data, you can now Create a Custom Dashboard. Custom Dashboards lets you select the data you want to display and the type of chart for the data to be displayed.
  • To keep you up to date with any updates made to your Org Chart or changes made to a Proposal through Nakisa TeamDesign a new Notification center has been added. Now any changes made that require the attention of a specific user are housed there. In the application, the Notification center can be accessed through the Notification Icon on the Suite Header.
  • Users can create custom org chart views from the Org Chart Options filter panel. These views are custom to each user. This feature is disabled by default. Your administrator will need to enable this feature.
  • A new Help Center has been added to the Suite Header and Main Menu to give users quick access to the user guide to navigate Nakisa HR Suite and its products.
  • The Org Chart now supports dynamic rooting from any node. From the Admin section, you can set the dynamic root so users can only see specific parts of the Org Chart.
  • You can now determine which fields will be globally visible within the application through the Field Management section in the Admin.
  • You can modify captions that appear in your Nakisa HR Suite instance using the Standard Field Caption Management tool in the Admin section.
  • The Avatars section has been added under the Admin section. Users can now upload avatars into the system to add personnel pictures to nodes that appear in the Org Chart.
  • The TeamDesign Proposal Settings has been added to the Admin section. This section allows admin users to manage a users ability to approve or deploy Proposals they are the creators of or approvers on.
  • There have been three new User Roles created for Nakisa HR Suite specifically to work with Nakisa TeamDesign. The Manager, Manager - Approver, and HR Master roles will have exclusive access to Nakisa TeamDesign.

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