Number Range Configuration

Number ranges are used to define the IDs that are automatically assigned to master agreements, contracts, lease components, activation groups, and units in Nakisa Lease Administration.

Default number ranges that cannot be edited are available for each object type. These default number ranges can be identified when the "Is Default Range" field is set to true. You can also configure custom number ranges that can be set up by lease area for master agreements or company code for other objects. The application first checks if a custom number range is defined for the object. If one is not found, the default number range is used. Note you can only have a single custom number range defined for an object.

The application can also be configured to allow users to enter certain IDs manually. For more information, see General Settings.

These number ranges can be configured in the same way as the configuration tables. For more information, see Using Configuration Tables.

To configure number ranges:

  1. Click Main Menu > Settings > Number Range Configuration.
  2. To add a new number range, click . Note that the maximum length for a number range ID is 12 characters.
  3. Select the required Entity Type.
  4. Set the Identifier Type the number range is based on to either "Lease Area" for master agreements or "Company Code" for other entity types.
  5. Set the range for Identifier From and Identifier To to the required display IDs of the Identifier Type.
  6. Optionally, set a Prefix and Range Separator for the ID.
  7. Enter a numeric number range in the Range From and Range To fields.
  8. Set the Status as required:
    • Created: The entry is newly created and is not ready to be used.
    • Active: The entry is active and can be used.
  9. Click Save. The number range is created.

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