Sync Profiles

Sync profiles allow users to choose what data they would like to sync from SAP per sync job. Profiles allow you to reuse the same filters across multiple sync jobs.

The Sync Profiles page displays all of the profiles that you have created.

Note: If you modify an existing profile that is already used in a scheduled job, the next time the job runs, it will use the updated profile.

To create a sync profile:

  1. Click Main Menu > SAP Sync Bot > Sync Profiles.
  2. Click to open the Add Sync Profile window.
  3. Enter a Profile Name.
  4. Select which SAP objects you would like to sync.
  5. If needed, enter in custom settings:
    • Override Default Language: Allows users to set the default language the data is synced in.
    • Override Partner Table Name: Allows users to set the name of the partner table.
  6. Click Submit.

To manage sync profiles:

  1. Click to edit a sync profile.
  2. Click to filter the list of sync profiles.
  3. Click to delete the selected sync profile.

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