Nakisa Real Estate: 1-Dec-2023

Major Release Version: 2023.R4

Note that this is a controlled availability release.

In addition to all of the new features and changes listed in the Release Notes, this topic contains the issues that were resolved in 2023.R4.

  • When the application is operating in a IFRS 16/ASC 842 compliant mode and the user calls back entities in Nakisa Lease Administration before the lease is activated, they are now properly unlinked from the lease. When the user refreshes the lease accounting page after the Nakisa Lease Administration entities have been modified and approved, the correct entities are now linked to the lease, allowing users to proceed with activation. (Reference: MO 48)
  • Percentage rent charges now display the correct status when they are posted from Nakisa Real Estate. (Reference: MA 87)
  • Batches no longer display duplicate entries for payments and charges, and the entries now display the correct posting status. (Reference: MA 04, MG 20)
  • The "locations" API endpoint now properly filters the locations by "partner-id-in", allowing users to successfully view their sales data when it is uploaded to premises via the "sales" PUT endpoint. (Reference: MA 90)
  • The Current Index Level is now displayed consistently based on the selected date across the Rent Table tab and CPI Indexation Plans in a lease. (Reference: LTT 63)

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