Nakisa Real Estate: 1-Nov-2023

Major Release Version: 2023.R4

Note that this is a controlled availability release.

In addition to all of the new features and changes listed in the Release Notes, this topic contains the issues that were resolved in 2023.R4.

  • Users now properly receive emails for their lease reminders when "Email" or "Email/Popup" is their set reminder type. (Reference: MR 52)
  • Users may have experienced issues when uploading percentage rent leases through the Initial Data Mass Import module. These issues have now been resolved. (Reference: MO 01)
  • Users no longer receive an error message when linking activation groups that are not in Define state. (Reference: MO 24)
  • When uploading leases through the Initial Data Mass Import module, the lease in Nakisa Real Estate is now created with the correct status. (Reference: ME 59)
  • When a user opens an executed indexation plan, the Applicable Current Index Level field now shows the value at which the plan was executed. (Reference: MO 98)

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