Activation Group Charges List

Users can add one time charges on the activation group Charge List page, as well as post them once the activation group is activated. The charges must be attributed to a specific unit and one of the non-lease expense categories.

Note: If the contract is set up to use indexed currencies, you must add charges in company currency instead of contract currency.

To add a charge:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. At the top of the activation group, navigate to the Charge List page.
  3. Click at the top of the page.
    • Enter the Name of the charge.
    • Select an Expense Category.
    • Enter the Due Date for the charge. The Due Date cannot be past the ROU End Date or the Last Payment Date (whichever is later). This date will be used as the default date for the Posting Date and Document Date, which can be modified.
    • The Contract Currency is displayed.
    • Enter the Amount of the charge in contract currency.
    • Select the Unitcharge is related to.
    • The Activation Group ID of the related activation group is displayed in this field.
    • Enter a Description for the charge, if required.
    • If Generate Vendor Invoice was selected on the contract Accounting page and there are multiple lessors associated to the contract, you can set up the Payment Split percentages for each lessor. Click to save the updated percentages.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. To delete one or more charges, select the checkboxes of the required charges and click .

To post a charge:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. At the top of the activation group, navigate to the Charge List page.
  3. Click Journals next to the charge you wish to post. A journal pop-up opens that displays details about the posting, including debit and credit amounts.
    • You can view the journal entries for different accounting standards by clicking the accounting standard tab name.
    • Optionally, click Calculate Additional Currencies to display the line items in company currency or additional currencies if they are configured. If this is not selected, the additional currencies are automatically calculated when the document is posted.
  4. The following fields are set to the Due Date entered when the charge was created, but can be modified if required:
    • Document Date, which links the document to a period.
    • Posting Date for the posting document.
  5. Click Post. The document is posted and the Internal Status changes from "Open" to "Posted".
    • If the SAP Posting Bot is configured to run with the application, it will regularly transfer documents to SAP and display the posting status in the External Status column in the schedules.
  6. To reverse a posted charge, select a Reveral Reason and click Reverse. The posting status changes from "Posted" to "Reversed".
  7. If required, use the History drop-down to view the history of posted and reversed documents for the transaction.

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