Activation Group Notifications

On the activation group Notification page, you must define the users who will receive notifications in the Notification Center for the activation group. When the activation group is first generated, the user notifications defined at the contract level are copied into the activation group, but can be modified if required. Note that you can only modify these notification fields in the Active version of the activation group, and cannot modify the fields in an event draft.

For more information on using the Notification Center, refer to Using the Notification Center.

To define activation group notifications:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. At the top of the activation group, navigate to the Notifications page.
  3. In the fields in the Subscriptions section, select the users who will receive notifications:
    • All Categories: Users selected in this field are automatically added to all of the other activation group notification fields. If you remove a user from one of the other fields, the user is automatically removed from this drop-down.
    • Workflow Events: Selected users will receive medium priority notifications when the activation group workflow is transitioned.
    • Critical Dates: Users will receive up to five high priority notifications for each of the following critical dates in the activation group. The initial notification is sent four weeks prior to the date, and then every week until the date of the event.
      • The ROU Start Date and ROU End Date of the activation group.
      • The First Payment Date of un-exercised terms.
      • The First Payment Date and Last Payment Date of exercised terms.

    Note: The drop-down options display any user who has previously logged into Nakisa Lease Administration, Nakisa SAP Posting Bot, Nakisa SAP Sync Bot, or Financial Organization Structure. If the selected user does not have access to the activation group, they will receive the notification but are still blocked from viewing the object.

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