Updating Units

Units are automatically created when the lease component is approved, and they can be viewed on the activation group Unit List page. Unit information can be updated while the activation group is being defined, approved, and classified.

Once unit information has been completed, the units must be activated (for lessee contracts) or delivered (for lessor contracts) before the activation group itself can be activated. If the Disable Unit Workflow setting in Financial Organization Structure is set to "True", the activation group can be activated without completing the unit workflow. Units are activated (lessee contracts) or delivered (lessor contracts) upon activation of the activation group and all unit dates are automatically set based on the Activation Date. See Activation Group Workflow for information about the entire activation group and unit workflow.

To maintain units:

  1. Open the activation group.
  2. At the top of the activation group, navigate to the Unit List page.
  3. The list of units is displayed. Click on the required unit to view or modify unit information.
  4. The General Information section contains the following information:
    • The Unit ID is automatically generated.
    • By default, the Name of the unit is the same as the lease component Name field.
    • The Unit Status is displayed in this field.
    • Enter a Description for the unit, if required.
    • The Currency field displays the contract currency.
    • The Company is displayed in this field.
    • Serial Number and Reference ID are free text fields.
    • The Asset Class field shows the asset class defined in the application, and selected for the lease component.
    • License Number and Inventory Number are free text fields.
  5. The Dates section displays the reception, activation, and end date fields.
  6. In the Cost Objects section, the following fields can be modified, if required:
    • Cost Center
    • Profit Center
    • WBS

    Note: If Cost Center Allocation has been enabled in the Financial Organization Structure, you can update the rules per unit, or use the Bulk Modify Unit Cost Center Allocation option in the context menu. Refer to Cost Center Allocation for more information.

  7. In the Other Cost Objects section, the following fields can be modified, if required: 
    • Functional Area
    • Business Area
    • Segment
    • Network
  8. In the Other Information section, enter additional unit information, if needed.
  9. Click Submit.

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