Default Field Values Configuration

Default field values configuration allows you to preset values for specific fields when creating objects, either for yourself or for all users of the application. This ensures consistent data entry, saves you time by auto-filling forms, and reduces the chance of errors, which is especially helpful if you have specific settings you use frequently.

The configuration consists of individual entries, each specifying a rule for applying a default value to a field under certain conditions. There are two types of default field values entries:

  • Application Level: this type of entry applies to all users of the application. It takes precedence over your personal entries on the same field.
  • Personal Level: this type of entry is specific to you as an individual user. It is only visible and applicable to you.

The role assigned to you determines the type of entry you can view or create:

  • NLA Admin role: with this role you can create and view application level entries only.
  • Lease Administrator, Accountant, or Batch User role: with these roles you can create and view personal level entries, and only view application level entries.

When creating new default value entries, you might need to specify values that one or many other fields (referred to as Conditions fields) must meet for the default value to take effect. Refer to Available Target Fields for a mapping between fields (referred to as Target fields) and their corresponding Conditions fields.

Note: You cannot create multiple default value entries of the same type (Application or Personal) on the same Target field with conflicting conditions. When there are conflicting entries of different types:

  • Locked application level entries take precedence and disable any existing Personal-level entry on the same Target field, triggering notifications for impacted users in their Notification Center along with a tooltip next to the disabled Personal-level entry.
  • Editable application level entries, on the other hand, will be overridden by the Personal-level entry on the same Target field.

To create a new default field value entry:

  1. Click Main Menu > Admin > Default Value Configs. The default field values entries table loads.

    Note: To show or hide personal or application level entries, use the toggles at the top of the table. Users with the "NLA Admin" role will not have filter toggles, as they can only view and create application level entries.

  2. Click .
  3. Enter a Target Field. See Available Target Fields for the list of available Target fields.
  4. Set a Status to enable or disable the configuration.
  5. Set Control to "Locked" to prevent anyone from changing the value of the Target field in object forms, or "Editable" to allow the value to be changed.
  6. Note: When used in an object form, a locked Target field displays a tooltip indicating the default field value entry causing the lock.

  7. Select Conditions values using checkboxes from the dropdown menu.
  8. Note: When selecting condition values, possible default values for theTarget field get filtered accordingly.

  9. Select Default Values to apply to the Target field by using checkboxes.
  10. Click Submit.

To manage default field value configurations:

  • To edit or delete a configuration:
    • Click in the Actions column of the configuration you want to edit.
    • Enter your changes in the form and click Submit.
  • To delete a configuration:
    • Click in the Actions column of the configuration you want to delete.

    • Click Delete and accept the confirmation popup.

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