Using the Notification Center

The Notification Center is located in the bell icon at the top right corner of the page and displays key notifications awaiting your review. All notifications are displayed by default, however you can navigate to different tabs to filter the notifications by priority. Clicking on a notification opens the object in a new application tab and automatically marks the notification as read. Note that these Nakisa Lease Administration notifications are also displayed in the Notification Centers of Financial Organization Structure, Nakisa SAP Posting Bot, and Nakisa SAP Sync Bot. If you click on the notification from one of these applications, the object is opened in a new browser tab.

The application generates notifications for the following categories:

  • Workflow Events: Users will receive medium priority notifications when the contract, lease component, or activation group workflow is transitioned. For example, when an activation group is classified or an event draft is approved.
  • Critical Dates: Users will receive up to five high priority notifications for each of the following critical dates in the activation group. The initial notification is sent four weeks prior to the date, and then every week until the date of the event.
    • The ROU Start Date and ROU End Date of the activation group.
    • The First Payment Date of un-exercised terms.
    • The First Payment Date and Last Payment Date of exercised terms.

In order to receive a notification, users must be subscribed to the notification category on the Notification page of the contract or activation group. Users subscribed to notifications at the contract level will receive notifications for the lease component as well.

To use the Notification Center:

  1. Click at the top right of the application interface to access the Notification Center.
  2. By default, only unread notifications are displayed. Click at the top of the Notification Center to display both read and unread notifications. Note that a maximum of 100 notifications are displayed at one time.
  3. Filter the notifications displayed on the page by selecting the notification Category (if available) in the drop-down.
  4. Use the Notification Center tabs to navigate between the different notification priorities.
  5. Click on a notification to open the object in a new application tab.
  6. Click on a notification to mark a notification as read.
  7. Click to refresh the Notification Center.

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