Contract Partners

The Partner tab allows you to associate partners to the contract. Partner information can only be added or removed when the contract is in Define status. Once the contract has been approved, partners can no longer be added or removed. Partners can only be updated during a contract event.

To associate partners to a contract:

  1. Open the contract.
  2. At the top of the contract, navigate to the Partners page.
  3. Under the Partners section click .
  4. In the Role drop-down, select the type of partner that you are associating to the location.
    • Lessee: The party that is renting the location. This option is generally used when you own the location or equipment, or you are subletting a portion of your leased asset.
    • Lender: The party that is financing the lease (and is only involved in the money aspect).
    • Supplier: The party that is supplying the equipment.
    • Lessor: The party that leases the property or equipment, or finances the lessee. This option is generally used when you are leasing the asset.
  5. Click Submit. The partner is added.
  6. Add contact information for the partner by clicking on the row and entering the valid contact details.
  7. To delete a single partner, click on the row. Note that this also deletes any contact information was added to the partner.
  8. To delete multiple partners at one time, select the checkboxes of the required partners and click at the top of the page.

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