About Dashboards

Nakisa Lease Administration dashboards provide quick visual access to specific aspects of your lease portfolio. Dashboards can be accessed from the application menu under Dashboards. Users can also create custom dashboards and can determine which charts appear on their custom dashboards. For more information on how to create a dashboard, see Creating a Custom Dashboard.

Note that you can only view information in the dashboards for the objects you have access to, based on user profiles configured in Financial Organization Structure.

By default, the following dashboards are available in Nakisa Lease Administration:

Default Dashboard Charts
Master Agreement
  • Master Agreement by Lease Area
  • Master Agreement by MLA Status
  • Master Agreement by Business Unit
  • Master Agreement by Created By
  • Master Agreement by Company Code
  • Contract by Contract Status
  • Contract by Principal Position
  • Contract by Currency
  • Contract by Lease Area
  • Contract by Business Unit
  • Contract by Company Code
Lease Component
  • Lease Component by Company Code
  • Lease Component by Internal Asset Class
  • Lease Component by Unit of Measure
  • Lease Component by Status
Activation Group
  • Activation Group by ID
  • Activation Group by Status
  • Activation Group by Name
  • Activation Group by Contract ID
  • Activation Group by Company Code
  • Unit by Asset Class
  • Unit by Status
  • Unit by Company Code
  • Unit by Contract ID
  • Unit by Created By
  • Unit by Activation Group ID

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