About Lease Events

Users can create events at contract, lease component, and activation group level to change financial and non-financial information after the objects have already been activated.

Creating an event creates a draft copy of the object. You have the option of creating more than one draft at a time, by navigating back to the active object and creating a new event. Once you approve one draft, it becomes active and any other parallel drafts are automatically deleted. The old version of the object then becomes a revision, recording a snapshot of the object before the draft was merged.

Note: Events are currently not available for lessor contracts, lease components, and activation groups.

To navigate between versions of the object, click on the left of the header:

  • Revision: Old versions of the object.
  • Active: The current active version of the object.
  • Draft: The drafts that are currently open for the object.
  • The automatically generated ID of the version is displayed next to the version status.
  • The numbers at the top indicate the number of revisions (in red) and the number of open drafts (in orange).
  • The name "Inception" indicates the original version at the time the object was activated. Once an event is initiated, the Event Name (entered in the event pop-up) becomes the name of the object.
  • The additional statuses "Reverted" (in black) and Inactive" (in grey) may appear when an activation group version is reverted. For more information, refer to Revert Activation Group Versions.

See the following topics for more information:

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