Impairment Gain

If the activation group is classified under IFRS 16, you can enter an impairment gain to adjust the amount of the impairment loss that was previously recorded (i.e., this event will not reverse the original impairment event).

Depending on the period in which the impairment gain is registered, the gain can only be as much as the remaining loss amount.

To enter an impairment gain:

  1. Open the required activation group and create an event. Use the regular event procedure, but complete the following information in the Create Event pop-up:
    1. Set the Modification Reason to "Asset Impairment - Gain". The pop-up displays the fields specific to this event, only for IFRS 16.
    2. In the Gain Amount field, enter an amount or click on Maximum Gain Amount to use this value. Note that the Gain Amount cannot be greater than the Maximum Gain Amount.
  2. At any time, click Delta to review all the changes. You can use the Select Revision drop-down to view the details from previous revisions.
  3. Click Generate Schedules to view the change in the schedules.
  4. Click Send to Assessment, which will also automatically regenerate the schedules.
  5. Click Journals to view the recognition journal entries that will be posted for this event.
  6. Click Approve and review the changes in the Event Modifications Summary pop-up. Click Approve Modifications to approve the changes.
    • Send the draft back for changes by clicking Rework.
  7. Click Confirm Classification.
  8. Click Activate to make this draft the new active version of the activation group, or click Rework to send the draft back for changes.

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