Disclosure Report Profiles

Disclosure Report profiles allow you to specify which contracts should be used in the report based on a defined set of filters. Profiles allow you to reuse the same filters across multiple report jobs.

You must have at least one profile defined to generate a report.

The Disclosure Report Profiles page displays all of the profiles that you have created.

Note that you can only create profiles for objects that you have access to, based on user profiles configured in Financial Organization Structure.

Note: If you modify an existing profile that is already used in a scheduled job, the next time the job runs, it will use the updated profile.

To create a Disclosure Report profile:

  1. Click Main Menu > Reporting Module > Disclosure Reports > Profiles.
  2. Click .
  3. Enter a Name for the profile.
  4. Select a System.
  5. Select a Calendar Type.
  6. If the selected Calendar Type is "Fiscal Variant", select a Fiscal Year Variant.
  7. For the remaining filters, select either "All" or "List". If "List" is selected, the corresponding drop down is enabled and you must select one or more objects from that list. Note that "All" is selected by default.
  8. Click Submit.

To manage profiles:

  1. Click to edit a profile.
  2. Click to filter the profiles.
  3. Click to refresh the profiles.
  4. Click to delete a profile.

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