Application Features

The Application Features table allows you to enable or disable features in Nakisa Real Estate and set the application's default currency. To access the application features table, click Admin > Application Settings.

The following table describes the available features that can be enabled:

Feature Description

The accounting setting allows you to toggle compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842 accounting standards, as well as integration with Nakisa Lease Administration. When this setting is disabled, the application runs as a standard real estate solution, without IFRS 16/ASC 842 compliance.

See Viewing and Editing a Lease for more information on the two modes of operation.

API Webhooks API Webhooks allows you to receive messages regarding subscribed entities. This feature must be enabled for you to receive messages and to view the Callback Log.
Dashboard and Report Currency

This setting allows you to set the currency that will be used in all dashboards and reports in Nakisa Real Estate. You can add up to five currencies. Note that exchange rates for the currencies must be configured in the Financial Organization Structure for the currency conversion to function properly.

To set the dashboard and report currency, select one or more currencies from the drop down menu, and click Save.

Enable Site Management (Beta) This setting is reserved for Nakisa use.

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