Subscription Management

Subscriptions allow you to receive messages via Nakisa Real Estate APIs when a change occurs in the data targeted by a subscription.

Note: To use APIs, you must enable the "API Webhooks" option on the Admin > Application Settings page.

To create a subscription:

  1. Click Admin > Subscriptions > Subscription Management.
  2. Click .
  3. Select the Topic you would like to subscribe to.
  4. Enter the URL. The URL is the external address to which messages are sent when there is a change regarding the selected Topic.
  5. Select the Auth Type. The Auth Type refers to the type of authentication the external service uses to secure their endpoint.
  6. Depending on the selected Auth Type, you may need to fill out additional fields based on the required credentials needed to access the external service. If credentials are required, enter them in the additional fields.
  7. Click Save.

To manage subscriptions:

  1. Click to create a subscription for all available topics.
  2. Click to edit a subscription.
  3. Click to delete a subscription.

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