User Management

The User Management page allows you to create new users, edit existing users' information, manage user permissions, or delete a user.

Adding a new user does not give them access to the application, but these users will appear in the application and can be referenced by other users in notes. Contact your system administrator if a new user requires access to the application.

See Managing User Permissions for more information on user permissions.

Note: User roles cannot be assigned in Nakisa Real Estate. They are only displayed for consultation purposes. User roles are configured on the Nakisa Cloud Platform.

To manage users:

  1. Click Admin > Users & Group Management > User Management.
  2. Click to create a new user.
  3. Enter the Email, Username, First Name, and Last Name. A Display Name is optional. If the user you are adding is a partner, select the appropriate Partner.
  4. Click > Manage User Permissions next to a user to open the Permissions page and assign user permissions.
  5. Click next to a user to edit user information or delete the user. Note that if a user is associated to a reminder, you will be unable to delete the user until they are dissociated from it.

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