Navigating Through Objects

Users can access their locations, premises, and leases through the Main menu. Each page provides a summary of all the items in that section that the user is permitted to view. For example, the premises summary page (Main > Premises) shows all the premises you are authorized to view with preset filters applied. From the summary page, users can click on the desired location, premises, or lease to view it.

From a location, premises, or lease, users may wish to view related items within a single file (for example, a premises under a location). To easily navigate through these objects, Nakisa Real Estate uses a navigation tree. To view the navigation tree, you must have a location, premises, or lease open. Click on the right side of the screen to open the panel. From the panel, click on the file you would like to open. Users can also switch between files using the drop down menu available in the navigation tree panel.

Note: Archived locations, premises, or leases are not visible in the navigation tree.

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