Using the Notification Center

The notification center informs users when they have new messages or pending alerts.

Users can send messages to each other using the Notes section of an application object or through reminders, which are shown in the notification center. Clicking on a message from another user brings you to the relevant application object.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe to notification topics through the Manage Preferences module.

To use the Notification Center:

  1. Click on a notification to view the application object.
  2. Click to mark a notification as "Read".
  3. Click to mark a notification as "Unread".
  4. Click to hide all notifications that have been marked as "Read".
  5. Click to delete all notifications.
  6. Click to refresh the notification center.
  7. Click Mark all as read to mark all notifications as "Read".

To send messages:

  1. From the Notes section of an application object, click .
  2. Use @ to mention another user.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The mentioned user will receive the message in their notification center.

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