Using the Interface

When you log in to Nakisa Real Estate or click on the Nakisa Real Estate logo, the application displays the following landing page, which provides a high-level view of your real-estate portfolio. The landing page displays relevant charts, as well as a map of all locations defined in the application.

This section identifies the key areas of the interface.

  1. The Landing Page shows charts related to the user's real estate portfolio. By default, the landing page charts only show objects that are not archived
  2. The Application Menu allows users to quickly navigate through the application, view summary pages, and create dashboards.
  3. The Quick Search bar allows you to search for any object.
  4. The Notification Center indicates if you have a message or a pending alert.
  5. The Languages Menu allows you to change the application's language.
  6. The User Profile allows you to view user information, manage your preferences, and log out of Nakisa Real Estate.
  7. The Action Center displays several tiles that allow you to see actionable statuses.

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