Running Batches

You can create and run batches from the Batches page in Nakisa Real Estate. Batches allow you to post or reverse multiple payments and charges for multiple leases at the same time.

Batches are created by the Batch Creator user, and are then sent for review before they are processed.

To create a batch:

  1. Click Batch Management > Batches.
  2. Click to open the Create Batch window.
  3. Enter a Name for the batch.
  4. Choose a date range for the postings by selecting a Start Date and End Date.
  5. Select one or more Batch Profiles.
  6. Select a Principal Position.
  7. Select a Posting Transaction Type.
    • If the Posting Transaction Type is "Reversal", you must select a Reversal Reason Type. The Reversal Reason Type defaults to the Default Reversal Reason set for the ERP System in the Financial Organization Structure. Refer to the Financial Organization Structure Administrator Guide for more information on this setting.
  8. Select one or more Journal Types.
  9. Define which dates should be used in the posting documents with the Internal Posting Date Types field:
    1. Select "Schedule Period Dates" if you want to use the dates from the schedule period as the posting date and document date in the posting document.
    2. Select "User Defined" to manually select the Posting Date and Document Date.
  10. Enter any additional notes.
  11. Click Save.

Once a batch is created, it is in "Open" status. When in "Open" status, you can update the batch parameters until the batch is sent for review.

To execute a batch:

  1. Ensure that the batch parameters are correct.
  2. Click Review.
  3. The review page shows a list of all the payments to be posted, as well as payments that have already been posted. Payments are listed per lease, per period, and can be filtered. The Batch Reviewer must click Approve or Reject. If you click Reject, the batch returns to "Open" status.

    Note: If changes are made to the payments listed in the review stage after the payments have been approved, you will receive a warning that changes have been made before executing the batch.

  4. Ensure that the payments are correct. The Batch Processor can click Execute.
  5. The batch is queued to run and has the status "Scheduled". To refresh the status of the batch, click .
  6. The executed page lists all posted payments, as well as which payments failed to post. Note that if the selected journal type is "Provision", the following columns show as N/A:
    • "Vendor"
    • "Vendor Account"
    • "Ownership (%)"

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