Generating Financial Obligation Reports

You can create and generate Financial Obligation Reports from the Financial Obligation Reports page. Reports can be generated in any of the configured report and dashboard currencies.

Financial Obligation Reports have two views:

  • Cash: Amounts are displayed by the payment date.
  • Accrual: Amounts are displayed by the payment period.

To create a Financial Obligation Report:

  1. In the application menu, click Financial Obligation Management > Reports.
  2. Click .
  3. Enter a Name for the report.
  4. Set the report's Frequency. This field determines whether the report will display financial obligations per month or per year. If the Frequency is set to "Yearly", set the Fiscal Start Date.
  5. Set the Start Date, and optionally set an End Date for the report. If no End Date is set, the report shows all payments up to the latest end date of all the leases in the report.
  6. Select one or more Financial Obligation Profiles to determine which leases will be included in the report.
  7. Set the Report Display Currency. Note that the Report Display Currency does not have to match the currencies defined in the selected leases.
  8. Add any additional notes, and click Save.

To generate a Financial Obligation Report:

  1. From the Basic Information tab in the report, click in the Expense Categories section. Select the required expense categories from the list, and click Update.
  2. Click Generate.
  3. The generated report displays financial obligations by lease and can be filtered, if required. If information in your lease changes after generating the report, you can regenerate the report until it is submitted for review.
  4. If you would like to change the parameters of the report, click Reopen.
  5. After the report is generated, you can submit it for review and approval. To submit a report for review, click Review. Note that while the report is being reviewed, you cannot regenerate it.
  6. Once the report has been reviewed, you can approve it. Click Approve to approve the report, or Reject to send it back for review.
  7. Once the report is approved, you can no longer delete or regenerate it.

To manage a Financial Obligation Report:

  1. Click Archive in the Actions menu to archive a report. Reports can be archived at any time in the generation and approval process.
  2. Click Delete to delete a report. Reports cannot be deleted once they are put in review.
  3. Click Regenerate to regenerate the report while it is in "Generated" status.
  4. Click View Exchange Rates to view the exchange rates of the report if the lease currency and report currency are different.
  5. Click Clone to create an identical report if the current report has been generated and approved and you would like to run it again, or if you would like to run the report and change some parameters. Reports can be cloned at any time.

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