CPI Mass Indexation Jobs

You can create and run mass indexation jobs from the CPI Mass Indexations page in Nakisa Real Estate. Mass indexation allows you to index multiple leases at once.

You must have at least one profile defined before executing a mass indexation job.

To create a mass indexation job:

  1. Click CPI Mass Indexation Management > CPI Mass Indexations.
  2. Click to open the Create CPI Mass Indexation window.
  3. Enter a Name for the job.
  4. Select one or more CPI Lease Profiles.
  5. Enter any additional notes.
  6. Click Save.

Once a job is created, it is in "Open" status. When in "Open" status, you can update the job parameters until the job is prepared.

To execute a job:

  1. Ensure that the job parameters are correct.
  2. Click Prepare.
  3. The Preview page shows a list of all valid and invalid indexation plans, as well as any revised modification or indexation dates if the original ones are no longer valid. A plan becomes invalid when there is a newer plan that is available and an older plan has not been run, or if all payments for a plan have been posted. Select the plans you wish to execute.
  4. If you would like to change the parameters of the job, click Reopen.
  5. Ensure that the plans are correct and click Execute.
  6. The indexation plans included in the job are executed.
  7. The results page lists the results of the indexation jobs. Once a job is executed, it can no longer be deleted, but can be archived if necessary. You can view your updated payments in the Scheduled Payments module for each lease.

To manage a job:

  1. Click Archive in the Actions menu to archive a mass indexation job. Jobs can be archived at any time.
  2. Click Delete in the Actions menu to delete a mass indexation job. Note that mass indexations cannot be deleted after they have been executed.

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