User Group Management

User groups allow system administrators to group users together and assign user permissions to groups of users rather than individually. User groups are also used for sharing custom dashboards.

The user group table allows you to create groups, add or remove users, and assign user group permissions. Permissions applied at the group level apply to all users within a group. See Managing User Permissions for more information on user permissions.

Note: Any permissions assigned through user groups do not apply to users with the Manager role. Managers can still be added to user groups.

To manage user groups:

  1. Click Admin > Users & Group Management > User Group Management.
  2. Click to create a user group.
  3. Enter a user group Name. A Description is optional.
  4. To add users to a user group, click > Add/Remove Users > .
  5. Click next to a user group to edit the group name, manage user group permissions, add or remove users, or delete the user group.

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