User Defined Fields

User defined fields allow users to track data that is not already tracked by default in Nakisa Real Estate.

User defined fields can be created for premises and leases only and appear under the User Defined Fields tab in a premises or lease. Users can select these fields to appear in the summary pages and can then filter their objects based on these fields.

If a user defined field is set as Required, users will need to fill out the field to activate their premises or leases.

The following fields can be added:

  • Boolean: Create a boolean field.
  • Date: Create a field for inputting dates (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • List: Create a picklist.
  • Number: Create a field for inputting numbers.
  • Text: Create a note field.

User defined fields are organized by field groups. Creating a level does not create the actual field that users can select. Each field group must have at least one group level and can have up to three total levels:

  • Level 1: Creation of a level 1 group is mandatory for creating user defined fields, and subgroups. Level 1 is the name of the field itself.
  • Level 2: The subgroups of level 1.
  • Level 3: The subgroups of level 2.

To manage user defined fields:

  1. Click Admin > User Defined Fields.
  2. Click to create a new field.
  3. Click to add fields and subgroups, edit the groups, or delete the field.
  4. Click to expand all user defined fields and their subgroups.
  5. Click to collapse all user defined fields and their subgroups.
  6. Select Required to make the field required for lease or premises activation.
  7. If the field is a list type, users can customize list options by clicking .

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